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Tarbiat Modares University among the world top universities

The results of the World Ranking System of the National Taiwan University were released in 2018 and 9 Iranian universities were among the 800 top universities.

Since 2007, the National University of Taiwan ranks and introduces the world's universities according to their scientific performance. The results of the NTU ranking system in 2018 indicate that Tarbiat Modares University along with 8 other Iranian universities are among the top universities in the world.

In this ranking system, 8 indicators are used for evaluation including research efficiency, the impact of research and research excellence, the evaluation data of this system are extracted from ISI database. In addition to the overall ranking, this system ranked 300 top universities in six fields and 14 subjects.

The fields of evaluation consists of agriculture, medicine, engineering, biotechnology, natural sciences and social sciences, and assessment topics include: agricultural science, civil engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, computer science, electronics engineering, environment and ecology, geography, material science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, pharmacology and toxicology, physics, plant and animal sciences. Based on the results of the ranking for 2018, out of the 837 universities studied, there are 9 Iranian universities in this ranking. Tarbiat Modares University is located at 601-650. Other top Iranian universities in this ranking include: University of Tehran, Tehran Medical Sciences University, Isfahan University of Technology, Sharif University of Technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran University of Science and Technology, Shiraz University.

Tarbiat Modares University stands at 401-450 rankings in agricultural field and 246 in engineering field. The status of Tarbiat Modares University in 14 subjects of evaluation are as follows: 185th in agricultural sciences, 133rd in chemical engineering, 301-350th in chemistry, 146th in civil engineering, 301-350th in Electronics Engineering, 351 -400th in Material Science and 142nd in Mechanical Engineering.

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