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Membership of TMU's Architecture graduate in the editorial board of the international journal "SASBE"

Dr. Peyman Pilehchihaha, who defended his doctoral dissertation on architecture in 1397, and won first place in the doctoral program, has recently succeeded in publishing an article from this dissertation in the prestigious journal "Applied Energy" with an impact factor of 8.848 ( Q1 and the second largest publication in the world among 248 publications on construction technology). Last year, he also won the Alborz Foundation Prize, known as the "Iranian Nobel" for his achievements in the doctoral program, and his book, along with his supervisors and advisors, was praised during the "University Research Week". He has submitted more than 30 articles in his doctoral program.

The journal, which is one of Emerald Publications and addresses issues of sustainability and intelligence in man-made environments, is indexed in various scientific databases, including "Scopus" and "ISI". It is classified Q2 in the public ranking portal "SCImago". Emerald Publishing is one of the world's leading digital first publishers, commissioning, curating and showcasing research that can make a real difference. Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (SASBE) is a CIB-encouraged journal that aims to inform research and industry practice on integrated approaches to developing smart and sustainable built environments. SASBE links together the various pioneering smart and sustainable targets, bottom-lines, endpoints and project deliverables through whole development cycles and project processes. The objective of the journal is to identify, develop and promote research and practice in integration between innovation and sustainability in order to help the AEC industry go through a smooth transition and paradigm shift. SASBE publishes original papers, review papers, case studies, and research reports as well as commentaries, technical notes, book reviews and conference news which focus on the linking of, and the holistic solutions for, key aspects of developing the built environment from project conceptualisation; through building, infrastructure and urban design; construction development; and facility operation and management; to deconstruction, recycling and reuse; for long term sustainable outcomes.

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